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Three Breathing Techniques for Stress and Anxiety

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

These three videos describe breathing options used for self-stabilization during individual counselling and EMDR therapy. I like the idea that my clients can practice them at home and so I am sharing them here.

Actually, I believe that these techniques should be used by anyone whether or not you are in therapy. They can be helpful to use anytime you are feeling stress or anxiety and you wish to calm yourself. There are three options, so click on them to see the videos, try them out and see what works best for you.

1. The Butterfly Hug Breathing technique below is modified from the technique developed by Lucina Artigas and Ignacio Jarero in 1998. Originally used as an effective tool for survivors of hurricane Pauline in Mexico, the deep slow breathing and slow bilateral stimulation (left-right-left-right movement or tapping) help to calm your body and mind.

2. The Belly Breathing technique will seem very familiar if you have ever relaxed in a yoga class before. The focus is to keep your chest relatively still and breathe deep into your belly.

3. The Acupressure Breathing technique is a nice and subtle way to calm yourself in public as it can look as though you are simply holding your hands together. You can hold your hands down on your lap or on a table, whatever feels most comfortable for you.

I hope that you find these tools helpful next time you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Please use them when it is safe for you to do so and at your own discretion.

Wishing you the very best,

Jennifer N Schultz

At Clear Living Connection, I provide counselling and therapy services for residents of West St. Paul, Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Connect with me and book a 20 minute free consultation to explore ways to experience more authentic joy in your life.

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